Your photoshoot will be created around four basic elements: wardrobe and styling, lighting and posing. The more thoughtfully we approach those elements, the more customized and powerful your photographs will be! The first step is to begin developing your vision. What do you want to convey? Do you have any specific ideas? Where would you like to do your photoshoot? After you've thought through these things you will have a consult with Karissa and together you'll develop an approach for your photoshoot. After that, our wardrobe specialist will reach out to you to connect about what you would like to wear. Then, on the day of your photoshoot, our hair and makeup artist will be there to style you so that everything works together!  There's no limit to creativity–we've worked in cities around the world, indoors and out, had clients ask to create photographs inspired by Old Master paintings and more. We've done birthday shoots, champagne parties, and graduation groups. If you have an idea, please let us know!

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